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Excellence in highest quality of sporting facilities in Pune
Bounce Sports Academy strives to offer the excellence in highest quality of sporting facilities in Pune. Bounce believes in providing professional coaching and playing facilities that will enable players of all the age groups and giving them the right opportunity at the right time and to let them glitter at various national and international sporting events.

‘Bounce Sports Academy’ is a new sporting arena in the heart of the Pune city at Law college road. We offer world class facilities for playing and learning Cricket, Football and Tennis.

We take a responsible and professional approach to coaching people of all age and skills in Cricket, Football and Tennis. We aim to be enthusiastic and patient and thus create an environment where people especially children can learn at their own pace in a controlled and fun way.


I trained at the Bounce Sports Academy in the 2013 summer in Pune. The regimes included fitness and agility skills as well as training under XYZ and other certified coaches. There were also short match scenarios that helped with match experience and temperament. This was probably the best three months of my cricketing career, so far, as I learned so much in a short amount of time. When I got back to the US, I implemented these techniques into my cricket and I definitely saw the result.

I would recommend any cricketer to play in the Bounce Sports Academy, as it set a solid foundation for me in my cricket and will for them as well.

The academy really helped me, it was fun and the coaches really thought us to never give up and to have good sportsmanship. They also thought us the real meaning of soccer, they always to us its about winning but about having fun. 🙂 They really helped us on doing drills, it was unique from other academies in the way the coaches were able to teach us something new everyday. Us kids were not just friends, we built like a family thanks to Bounce Sports Academy.

Bounce Sports Academy is a great place to keep me and my family fit as well as play a sport that I love. The natural clay surface is well maintained and ideal to play long term. The coaching is unique in the sense that it is customized based on the evaluation of the players. I have been playing here for over a year and have also met a lot of new people thru the academy who have become good friends. Bounce has become a part of my daily routine and I highly recommend anyone who would like to join. Kedar sir has created a unique environment at Bounce Sports and is in the process of building future champions.